Day of Playe

October 22, 2016
Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls, Gilberts, IL

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Come join us for a Day of Playe - a day of games and just hanging out. Learn, teach, share, or relax.

There will be a variety of games scattered around (both indoors and outdoors), some classes and mini-tourneys scheduled, but the main idea is to have a relaxing day.  We'll have open tables for you bring projects, and there's a roofed shelter nearby for messier activities.

Our site is a modern lodge building set among beautiful forests, meadows, and plenty of space for outside activities (weather permitting).
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Site fee: $4. Non-Members $9.
Site opens at 9AM, closes at 5PM

The site is dry.

Class information - Anyone interested in teaching should contact Xavier.
Currently scheduled classes:
    Introduction to Shogi
    Happy Japanese Games
    Dice Chess

Food / Lunch
Lunch will be available for $5. Lunch consists of:

There's enough space to 'brown-bag', but any more elaborate prep will probably occupy someone else's C&I space.
Any questions about lunch may be directed to THL Elaine Ladd


    9:00 Site Opens
    10:00 Alquerque class
    10:30 Bocce
    10:30 Shogi Class - Mikhail of Lubelska 11:00 Astrological Tables (7-player backgammon)
    Noon Lunch served
    1:00 Baronial Court
    2:00 Tablut (Viking Chess) demo & mini-tourney
    2:30 Happy Japensese games - THL Yamamura Kitsune
    3:00 Dice Chess mini-tourney
    5:00 Cleanup begins
    6:00 Site closes

Any other questions - send them to the autocrat: Xavier

Directions: From Chicago take I-90 west to Randall Road. Take Randall north for 1.5 miles and turn left on Rt 72. Take that a mile to Tyrrell Rd and turn right. Tyrrell will curve and become Galligan, which (after 2 miles total) will bring you to Freeman Rd. Turn left onto Freeman – the site is one mile on your left.  The sign says "Freeman Kame Forest Preserve" with the camp name smaller.

There is parking at the lodge - if the gate is open you can pass it.

Games on hand: 

    Some of the games we'll have on hand:
    Dice Chess
    Alquerque (simlar to checkers)
    Tablut (viking chess>
    Pall Mall (croquet)
    Astrological Tables
    Tables (backgammon)
    Chess of the Four Seasons (4-player chess)
    Courier Chess
    9-Man Morris
    Game of the Goose

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