Inkin' in Lincoln II

March 6, 2010
Camp Tomo Chi-Chi Knolls, Gilberts, IL

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Come join us for a day dedicated to the scribal arts. Learn, teach, share, or just hang out.

Our site is a modern lodge building set among beautiful forests and meadows - pity it'll be early spring,
but it is warm and has a large fireplace!
Site webpage
Site fee: $5. Non-Members $8.
Site opens at 9AM, closes at 5PM

News!! Household Silken Petals is offering a basket of scribal goodies. Every scroll blank brought to the event and donated will give you one ticket for the raffle drawing during the day.

More News!! For those more interested in the Sciences, we will have a forge set up outside and free-form teaching throughout the day.

Class information - Anyone interested in teaching should contact Lady Philippa of Otterbourne.
Currently scheduled classes:
Time Class Instructor Description Notes
10:00 Introduction to How to Teach a Class THL Akiko Catherine O'Brien While the focus of this class will be scribal type stuff, these techniques and suggestions can apply to almost any class. This is an entry level class. Donations for a handout appreciated
10:00 THL Austin Chadwyck of Normandy Making a Scroll Case Class will show how to make a scroll case to cover/transport scrolls Fabric (either 2 types at 1/2 yards or 1 yard of same fabric), 2 pieces of stiff cardboard approximately 12x16 inches
11:00 Blazons for Non-Heralds THL Elaine Ladd Translating "herald speak" for scribes' purposes, how to read a device blazon n/a
11:00 A Constructed Byzantine Alphabet for SCA Use Margretha La Fauvelle Class will teach a hand that looks Byzantine but utilizes Roman characters. n/a
1:00 Introduction to Vellum and Period Pigments Sgt. Henry of Exeter Beginning intro on how to use vellum and period pigments n/a
1:00 Oh, My Aching Hands! Brigid Murchadha of Haus Kriegsturm Learning Therapeutic massage to ease aching hands and forearms from doing hours of scroll work. Massage can be done with a partner, but also learn techniques to use on yourself. Also to be included is a series of helpful stretches If you have a preferred lotion, feel free to bring it
2:00 Illuminated Manuscripts: An Historical Overview Isabel of Kenniston An overview of the history of development of the illuminated mansucript from antiquity to the Renaissance n/a
2:00 Human Figures & Clothing as Depicted in the Book of Kells Verena Enterwirt A look at the various figures in the Celtic Book of Kells. Class will cover history of the manuscript, the figures depicted, clothing worn, colors (dyes & pigments), fabric decoration and patterns. Basic handout is free. Color DVD available for $2
3:00 Besides the Book: A Study of Manuscript Rolls THL Jocelyn of Lutterworth Manuscripts in roll form continued to serve various purposes long after the book became standard. Liturgical, legal, public, and private usesof rolls will be discussed. n/a
3:00 Introduction to Celtic Knotwork Mikhail of Lubelska Learn to create your own celtic knotwork using a grid system. n/a
11:00 Techniques Round Table THL Akiko Catherine O'Brien Have a question on a specific technique or need some how to advice? Ask Akiko at the Techniques Round Table Continues to 4PM
All Day Open Forge Aidan Free form teaching and smithing. Forge will be outdoors, dress appropriately.

Food / Lunch
We'll have coffee and tea available near troll, and a lunch available for $5.
Preliminary Lunch menu:

There's enough space to 'brown-bag', but any more elaborate prep will probably occupy someone else's C&I space.
Any questions about lunch may be directed to Lady Isabel of Kenniston

Tea - at the end of the day we'll have a tea social/dessert revel. Anyone who would like to bring a dessert to share is more than welcome to.

Any other questions - send them to the autocrat: Xavier

Directions: From Chicago take I-90 west to Randall Road. Take Randall north for 1.5 miles and turn left on Rt 72. Take that a mile to Tyrrell Rd and turn right. Tyrrell will curve and become Galligan, which (after 2 miles total) will bring you to Freeman Rd. Turn left onto Freeman the site is one mile on your left.
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